The Polish American Cultural Institute of Minnesota celebrates and promotes Polish culture and heritage.


The Polish American Cultural Institute of Minnesota (PACIM) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization promoting Polish and Polish American culture and traditions.  What started out as a group of people wanting to keep alive their Polish heritage has grown to an organization with over 500 members, an eight-page monthly newsletter, a library of over 5,000 titles in both English and Polish and many programs, events and classes that promote, preserve and celebrate Polish heritage, Polish culture and Polish American traditions here in Minnesota and beyond.

PACIM recognizes the importance of engaging Poles, Polish Americans, and people of many ethnic backgrounds in programs and activities that cultivate the traditions of the Polish American community; honoring Polish culture past and present; and enriching American society with the best of Polish tradition and ideals.

As part of Minnesota’s multi-ethnic community, PACIM is committed to:

  • Sharing the essence of the Polish experience, culture and joie-de-vivre;
  • Creating and promoting opportunities for Poles and Polish Americans to discover and engage in a sense of being Polish; and
  • Showcasing Polish and Polish American culture and heritage to all Minnesotans.

PACIM is affiliated with the American Council for Polish Culture (ACPC), a national organization that serves as a network of national leadership for affiliated Polish American cultural organizations across the United States.


Our Institute and Library are located at:

Polish American Cultural Institute of Minnesota
43 Main Street SE, Suite 228
Minneapolis, MN 55414

Email office@pacim.org or call and leave a message at 612-378-9291.