Polish Language Classes

PACIM is pleased to announce three 10-week sessions of Polish language classes for the upcoming 2023/24 academic year. Whether you’re a beginner, have taken other PACIM classes, or were taught at home, there is a class level for you!

The sessions are scheduled to commence on the following dates:

Fall Session: October 2, 2023 – December 11, 2023 (Please note that the week of November 20 is reserved for Thanksgiving break.)

Winter Session: January 8, 2024 – March 11, 2024

Spring Session: April 15, 2024 – June 17, 2024

Additionally, we are considering offering a Summer Session from July 15 to August 12 exclusively for continuing students (no beginners). This option is subject to availability.

Course Offerings

All classes are conducted online via Zoom. Each weekly lesson lasts for 1.5 hours.

Classes are intended for adults.

Each language level continues for three semesters. If you want to join a given level in the winter or spring session, be advised that those are continuations of the fall or winter sessions. Level 1 A students must start in the fall.

Adjustments to the day or time of a class can be made with a teacher at the first meeting.

Each class must have at least 3 registered students to take place. Classes with fewer students may be considered semi-private lessons and charged accordingly.

The instructions are classified into distinct language proficiency levels, which are determined by the student’s familiarity with the subjects addressed in each group of chapters within the textbook “Hurra! Po Polsku 1” (level A) or “Hurra! Po Polsku 2” (level B).

LevelFamiliarity with Subjects
Covered in Chapters
Chapters to be Covered
in Class
Offered in Tentative Schedule
1 ANoneA 1 – 3FallThursday 6:00-7:30 PM
2 AA 1 – 3A 4 – 6WinterWednesday 5:30-7:00 PM
3 AA 1 – 6A 7 – 9SpringTuesday 5:30-7:00 PM
4 AA 1 – 9A 10 -12FallWednesday 7:15-8:45 PM
5 AA 1 – 12A 13 – 15WinterWednesday 5:30-7:00 PM
6 AA 1 – 15A 16 – 18SpringWednesday 7:15-8:45 PM
7 AA 1 – 18A 19 – 20FallThursday 6:00-7:30 PM
8 BA 1 – 20B 1 – 2 WinterTBD
9 BB 1 – 2 B 3 – 4 SpringTBD
10 BB 1 – 4B 5 – 6FallTBD
11 BB 1 – 6B 7 – 8WinterTBD
12 BB 1 – 8B 9 – 10SpringTBD
ConversationAll TermsTBD

If you’re unsure which course level to enroll in, please contact us at language@pacim.org. We’re here to assist you in determining the most suitable placement based on your prior language background. Feel free to contact us for personalized guidance.

Session Fees

Small group lessons — $125 PACIM members, $150 non-members
Semi-private — $275 PACIM members, $300 non-members
Private — $475 PACIM members, $500 non-members

The fee will be fully refunded upon written request within the initial 2 weeks of the session. No refunds will be provided beyond this point.


Choose class size and PACIM membership status
You must specify your language level : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,other

Meet the Instructors

Mrs. Iwona Srienc, Ph.D., got her Master of Arts in Russian Philology from the University of Warsaw. Came to the US as a Visiting Scholar at SUNY, Stony Brook. She was offered a Teaching Assistantship in Russian at SUNY, Albany, where she completed her MA in Russian linguistics. In 1980, she was accepted to a graduate program in Slavic Linguistics at UCLA.  She completed her Ph.D. in 1990.  After arriving in MN, she taught Polish at the U of M, worked as a substitute teacher, interpreter, and translator, and for the past 15 years has been teaching Polish at PACIM.  She has been a PACIM board member since 2018.  She has four adult children and four grandchildren.

Mrs. Beata Pueschner has had the privilege of teaching her native language at PACIM since the summer of 2022. She has also been a Polish teacher to school-aged children at the Adam Mickiewicz Polish Saturday School in Minneapolis, MN for the past several years. She received a Master of Arts degree in English with a concentration in Teaching English as a Second Language from Minnesota State University, Mankato in 2013. She is a community college instructor, leading courses in developmental and college-level writing, college success, and academic vocabulary, as well as English for Academic Purposes. She is passionate about teaching Polish and English and admires students’ eagerness in studying these languages. When not working, Beata relishes time spent with family, friends, and her black cat, Jack.

Rev. Cyprian Czop O.M.I., a native of Poland, has been living and working in the Twin Cities area since 2019. Apart from his pastoral ministry in the church, he likes teaching the Polish language to both adults and children. In the past, he was teaching Ukrainian students the Polish language in Chernihiv, Ukraine. Recently, he has been engaged in teaching children in the Adam Mickiewicz Polish Saturday School in NE Minneapolis. Since 2022, he has taught beginner and advanced classes in the PACIM Polish language program.

Mrs. Jolanta Grey grew up in Upper Silesia, Poland, with her family’s roots tracing back to Podlasie. Jolanta earned two master’s degrees in psychology, one from the University of Silesia and another from Metropolitan State University in St. Paul, MN. For the past 10 years, she has been teaching Polish language at Polish Saturday School in Minneapolis. Jolanta works as a substitute teacher and is near completion of the K-6 teaching program at Concordia University, St. Paul. She resides in Shoreview with her husband and two children.

Course Materials

Before proceeding with an online order, please inquire about textbook purchases from PACIM by emailing language@pacim.org. PACIM has a number of textbooks available for sale at $60 per set + shipping.

Hurra! Po Polsku 1
Podręcznik Studenta; Prolog
Małgorzata Małolepsza, Aneta Szymkiewicz


Hurra! Po Polsku 1
Zeszyt Ćwiczeń; Prolog
Małgorzata Małolepsza, Aneta Szymkiewicz

Hurra! Discovering Polish
A Learner’s Grammar; Prolog.
Liliana Madelska with Geoffrey Schwartz


Hurra! Po Polsku 2
Podręcznik Studenta; Prolog
Agnieszka Burkat, Agnieszka Jasinska

Hurra! Po Polsku 2
Zeszyt Ćwiczeń; Prolog
Agnieszka Burkat, Agnieszka Jasinska