Support Ukraine

PACIM established a fund to support more than 2 million Ukrainian women, children, and the elderly who fled their country to seek refuge in Poland.

$24,500 / $25,000

Thank you all for your generosity!

The PACIM Board decided to continue the Support Ukraine fundraiser because the needs of the refugees arriving in Poland are enormous. In a matter of several weeks, Poland became the country with the second-largest refugee population in the world. It puts a heavy strain on all country resources–medical and psychological care, education, housing, employment, social assistance, and transportation. Even though central and local governments actively work to manage the difficult situation, the majority of assistance is provided by volunteers, NGOs, charities, and most of all by regular people.

Please support Ukraine now!

Donations by check can be mailed to:

PACIM Attn. SupportUkraine 93 West Little Canada Rd., Suite 106, St. Paul, MN 55117

Edyta Dudek, PACIM President, visited the train station in Przemyśl — the first stopping point on the Polish side of the border for the trains arriving from Ukraine. There, Ukrainian refugees are offered initial assistance, before traveling onward to other parts of Poland or other European countries. Caritas Poland established a Welcome Reception Point where they offer refugees support and information. Food and all other essential products are free.

On Sunday, March 6th 2022 PACIM President, Edyta Dudek, gave a powerful speech during the Stand with Ukraine MN rally at the Capitol Building in Saint Paul. You can listen to her presentation below.


Caritas Poland helps Ukrainian refugees which are coming to Poland and responded to the humanitarian appeal of its sister organizations in Ukraine – Roman Catholic Caritas and Greek Catholic Caritas-SPES.

HELP IN UKRAINE: Since the beginning of the war, Caritas Poland has already sent half a thousand trucks and minibuses, which have transported 7.3 thousand tons of essentials: food, hygiene products and bandages, as well as electric generators, cleaning supplies, blankets, sleeping bags, pillows and flashlights. The value of these transports is about 35 million PLN. Caritas-SPES and Caritas Ukraine have already received over half a million PLN from Caritas Poland. These funds allow for conducting the most urgent activities.

 Caritas is responding to the challenges of the largest wave of refugees in Europe since World War II. The scope of assistance provided by Caritas covers as many areas of life as have been devastated by the ongoing tragedy in Ukraine. Caritas has opened Tents of Hope in several Polish border towns. These are places where everyone can get warm, eat and drink tea. There are corners for children and supplies of warm sleeping bags. We provide opportunities to charge phones, offer smiles and a kind word. We are fully mobilized, everyone helps.

Diocesan Caritas has supported more than 8.6 thousand people, including more than 4.7 thousand children, giving them shelter in 210 centers. Additionally, nearly 30 thousand refugees hosted in Polish homes are also supported by diocesan Caritas centers. In more than 130 Caritas centers we help children, women and elderly people. Every day we serve nearly 47 thousand meals to refugees. So far, over 438 thousand people have already benefited from this form of assistance (as of March 21, 2022).

Caritas has organized evacuations and prepared about 2,500 places for Ukrainian orphans and children from foster families. Caritas helps to organize treatment for sick Ukrainian children (including oncological patients). All those in need are offered psychological support, help with translating documents or finding a temporary home.

In addition to Ukrainians, many citizens of other countries who were in Ukraine at the time of the outbreak of the war receive assistance in organizing aid. Caritas is also helping them to arrange transportation to the countries of their origin. Among many others, students from Ghana received such support. Caritas evacuated them from Ukraine and helped them arrange tickets to return their homes.

We are currently preparing for long-term aid to Ukraine.