We’re looking for volunteers to work at the library for the first and third Sundays of the month from 1-3 p.m.
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February – Bal Karnawałowy
May – Festival of Nations
August – Twin Cities Polish Festival
October – Polish Soup Tasting Festival
December – Wigilia

Year round
At the PACIM Library



Volunteer with PACIM!

The value volunteers provide to the events cannot be overstated. The difficulty is in adequately thanking you for your past volunteerism. Without your help at an event, it cannot succeed. We continue to look forward for your help. There is a lot of camaraderie at the booths and events. We want to make it an enjoyable and enriching experience for all volunteers.

For more information on current opportunities, contact PACIM at 612-378-9291 or send an email to Office@pacim.org.

Teaching English in Poland Program
The Kosciuszko Foundation invites American teachers to apply for participation in a unique three or four-week educational and cultural exchange program in Poland. Click   The Kosciuszko Foundation/Programs/Teaching English in Poland Program  for more information.

WIESCO is a non-profit volunteer teaching organization that provides unique experiences for the volunteers that serve with us and the students we teach. WIESCO has worked with 25,000 students in camps, which allow Americans to become international ambassadors. Click WIESCO for details.