Festival of Nations

Festival of Nations 2016 is now over … See You Next Year!!

How does one adequately describe the Festival Nations?  After chairing the PACIM Polish Café for 4 years, I have come up with my own observations.  The Festival of Nations is an annual colorful four day event at the St. Paul RiverCentre with a beehive of activity to produce the honey of boundless hospitality, with tireless energy by all the volunteers, in order to proudly share our international cultures with each other.

Our Polish Café booth represents the Polish culture with excellence.  We are a very colorful booth placed in between the Italians and Tibetans. We have become family.  We place emphasis on detail.  We wear the traditional costumes and hats and head pieces required at the event.  We make sure the booth itself is inviting as well as our presence with gentle smiles with utmost focus on client service.  We served kielbasa, pierogi, sernik, makowiec, rurki, and beverages. We were always busy and again a huge success.

The 2016 theme for the Festival was “Fairy Tales & Folklore”.  We participated with this theme of having an impressive 5 foot photo in our booth of the fire spewing smok (dragon) of Wawel Hill in Kraków, Poland.  It was a photo opportunity for many.

I can’t express adequately the value of our approximate army of 40 dedicated volunteers.  About 80% of the volunteers called or emailed in to volunteer.  That speaks well of our Polish Café booth.

We also have the Dolina Dancers on the World Stage and a culture booth.  I encourage to attend the Festival of Nations as one of the must things to do.

John Bieniek, 2016 Chair, PACIM Festival of Nations Polish Café

Setting up for the “Battle” at the Festival of Nations 2016

Smok Wawelski (Wavel Dragon) story by PACIM and POLESOM, photo by POLESOM staff
Smok Wawelski (Wavel Dragon) story by PACIM and POLESOM, photo by POLESOM staff