Polish Pisanki

art is a living thing

Egg Decorating Workshop

March 8, 9, 10

Cancelled due to low registration

John Rajtar follows the path of Paul Nagano: “The artist is an alchemist, transforming the common elements of earth, water, air and fire into something precious and wondrous”. He celebrates the spirit of traditions, cherishing the old, yet fascinated with the new.”

The ancient art form of pisanki is inspired by nature, and is steeped in tradition. The peasants of Poland revered and respected their environment. The unpredictability of nature and the changing seasons brought a sense of fear, along with anticipation for what was to come.

The egg was seen as a symbol, which brought life, aided in ancient spring fertility rites, and served as a protector against evil eye, fire and lightening.

Many ‘pisankarze’ use electric pisaks (kistkas), templates, rulers, pencil – changing this beautiful art to more of a science.

“When writing a pisanka, I am a purist, using the old method: a wooden handled metal funnel filled with beeswax, which is melted under a candle flame. The melted wax is my pencil. The egg is my canvas. Designs flow out of my hands, guided by the spirit. There is something so blessed about honoring the traditions of your ancestors, the passing of these customs from aging hands to younger hands.”

“with these pieces, I have given voice to history, to culture, to tradition, to my soul”

          – John Rajtar



You will need to bring:

  • 3 RAW Organic Eggs – brown or white
  • a taper candle & candleholder
  • a pencil
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